This is a super-fast blog post in anticipation of my night in the haunted mansion tomorrow (aka The New Fantasmagoriana at Dalnavert House)…

if you can’t come (starts at 4:30, tickets at the door) and you don’t hear from me ever again you’ll know that I’ve become a) lost in an oil painting, b) dragged through a portal to Victorian times, or c) so traumatized by fear that I’ve gone stunned-silent…

I anticipate, however, that all will be well… a story written in the wee hours to be launched on Hallowe’en… AND I get to wear my new tights covered in blue and orange fireworks that I bought on a whim (they’re also super-comfy – perfect for lounging around in a Victorian parlour…)

BUT there’s loads of other stuff going on, as well, and I’m planning to take in as much as possible. Friday is, of course, launch night for The Winnipeg International Writers’ Festival which will feature a raft of amazing writers doing workshops, readings, and other events.

If you’re in Ontario, though, you could head to cottage country (Bracebridge) and pop in my mom, whose studio is open as part of the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour. Tell her I say ‘hi’ 🙂

Until later….

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