Let’s face it, we writers spend a lot of time staring at our own navels.

And while that’s great for doing the introspective work of fiction, it’s not so hot for engaging with one’s readership.

After all, I don’t want to just be talking about my dog all the time when it turns out you’d rather hear about how to give your characters thematic names or, even, what to do when you can’t get off Facebook in order to write (not that I know anything about that!)

So, I thought it’d be prudent to take a moment to ask YOU what YOU think.

You are, after all, the ones who pop by when a new post is up. To that end, I’ve designed this brief survey and would so appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes offering me some feedback.

Your honest answers will really help me in my ongoing renovations of this online space.

So, thank you, and on to the survey.