Like a bunch of bullies, the current Canadian power mongers government in power has decided not to invite anyone out of the in-club to the upcoming major important meeting on climate change in Bali, Indonesia.

The reason? The last time they invited opposition MPs to an international environmental conference, they were held accountable for their crappy policies and others – like the French environmental government guy – also got in on the critic’s game.

Seems the Conservatives didn’t like what they were saying. This being that, um, you guys might want to rethink a plan that has Canada meeting our emissions cuts by 2020 or 2025. By then, who knows what kind of burning, drought-ridden, flood-prone, hurricane-haunted world we’ll be living in. THAT’S 18 YEARS FROM NOW. NEARLY AN ENTIRE GENERATION.

Last week, some serious faces at the U.N. stepped forward to say things like “irreversible”, “frightening”, “defining challenge of our age” and to call for much tougher action to mitigate this dire and urgent problem which is already causing record numbers of droughts, floods and fires.

But instead of embracing all the help and dialogue that they can get and trying to move toward, uh, the opposite of ANNIHILATION, our government is crossing their arms, barring the door and firmly shutting down the debate.

All so they can avoid being criticised and keep a firm grip on their flimsy power.

Makes sense to me. After all, when I’m being an idiot and my husband calls me on it, sometimes I just leave him at home, too. But then again, the two of us aren’t holding the FATE OF THE WORLD in our hands.