A short post this week, my beloved readers, as I’m way too busy updating my status every few hours on Facebook (some delectable recent samples: ‘lauren is smelling the lilacs’, ‘lauren is getting creative with organic bok choy’, ‘lauren is unsure what she is’ – that last one a statement on the existential angst that is Monday) and pitching my brains out.

I’ve sent out six story pitches already this week, while also finishing final edits on my article about the pilgrimage in Argentina soon to appear in the Georgia Straight, writing a piece about Silo’s Message and the Humanist Movement for Geez, and checking Facts & Arguments daily while I wait for my essay to appear. All that plus taking time to sip tea and plug away on the Joyce Carol Oates book I’m enjoying but desperately trying to finish so I can get onto Paul Auster).

The summer season is also starting to heat up with a press trip to Michigan (watch for it in i-94 magazine and other pubs that have expressed interest but have yet to confirm) and my own journey back to Jason’s and my honeymoon spot in Quebec (that one for National Geographic Traveler).

But this life isn’t for everyone. I realized yesterday that I rarely talk to anyone other than my husband and my dog (and he just gives me the shut-up-and-give-me-a-cookie treatment: my dog, not my husband…), which is perhaps why I like Facebook so much. It’s my pseudo-watercooler.

Still, next week at this time I’ll be touring galleries on Lake Michigan’s northwestern coast… Who’s complaining? Not me!