snowyorilliaThe snow keeps coming – a further ten to 20 centimeters expected today, on top of the 40 we’ve received since Saturday – and here’s what that looks like right now through my office window.

On the weekend, J. and I valiantly embraced the wintery-ness of it all by walking to the local track to strap on our skis and do a few loops. But as soon as I pressed down on the plastic clamp that keeps the boot in, crack, it broke. The sun had come out, so I stood and soaked it up while watching J. break trail and slide his way around a few times.

I must admit that this kind of weather is exciting. It’s all over the radio, a news event, as Rick Mercer has ranted about. As he oh-so-concisely puts it, “This is Canada. We have winter. Life sucks. Get a toque. And embrace it.” This attempt at, um, embracing, is likely why winter festivities abound across Ontario. Not needed so much during those balmy wintry days of late, organizers must be gleeful with as they observe this more traditional Canadian season coming down all around.

One thing’s for sure, the 1,200 square foot ice castle that’s built every year at the Port of Orillia should stay intact as long as this weather does. Home to Shivers, the mascot of the Orillia Winter Carnival, the structure will be erected on February 2 and 3 (want to help? Visit the website), in time for the grand event on February 8, 9 and 10. This shin-dig has everything you could ask for: dog sled rides, snow sculpting, a polar bear dip, a pig roast and much, much more down home fun in the sun snow.