….for the many emails, comments and congratulatory messages after my news last week about my next novel. This Has Nothing To Do With You is the title but, of course, it has everything to do with you: the readers, the ones who will bring the story to life!

I would have liked to respond to everyone, individually, but the other thing that’s new in my world is that I’ve started a full-time proofreading job so time has become a bit compressed and fragile.

It’s been a long time – longer than my marriage, in fact (fifteen years today!), since I’ve worked the nine-to-five in an office setting (a cubicle, even…).

Back then I was in Toronto, copywriting for Chapters Online. It’s a big adjustment; one that will require the kind of creative-work-devotion I often encourage in my clients: write wherever you can and whenever, do what you must to seize time.

My plan, once J. returns to work next week and we enter the usual non-summer routine (cue sigh of sadness), is to hammer in some boundaries around an early-morning hour. I will keep you posted…. Oh, and any tips? Please share.

But I digress…

The purpose of this post, after all, was to say thank you.

For reaching out. For extending your congratulations. For meeting my news with such excitement and encouragement that I felt even more eager to get my creative work into your hands. And this isn’t a small thing. Announcing a new book is incredibly fulfilling and exciting but it’s also nerve-wracking….

One of you also asked me an important question for any writer and that was: What can we do?

Because, of course: its readers who make books successful!

Later on there will be a chance for pre-ordering (we still have to figure out the cover, at least for the novel… Following Sea‘s cover, I can already tell you, will be gorgeous) but you might be able to help in other ways…

Following Sea is the first book which will launch (in February) so I’m currently in the process of putting together the publicity plan with the publisher.

Right now I’m hunting for writing/poetry blogs that might welcome a writing-related guest post or be open to doing a book review.

Maybe you’re a blogger; maybe you follow some great ones; maybe you can pitch a review to a literary journal. If you can help in any way, I’d so appreciate it (and since I’m open to guest posts myself, I’m happy to reciprocate).

Apart from all this, I will, of course, let you know when you can actually read these things I’ve been working on for years, if you’re so inclined 🙂 And once that happens, posting a review on Amazon, Kobo, Chapters, Goodreads or your social media profiles is always, always appreciated!

And, of course, on my end, there will be other ways I’ll be saying thank you to my readers including giveaways and workshops and a couple other ideas for events I’ve got up my sleeves…   Stay tuned!