Last week at this time I was somewhere in southeastern Michigan.

I say somewhere because usually on the last day of a press trip (which it was last Friday) my brain is so addled that I’ve no idea where I am. And to try to remember a whole week later? Forget it.

So, thank goodness, I say, for the 109-page-itinerary which tells me exactly where I need to be and when and is now sitting beside my computer, a handy tool for completing my report and pitches. It says I was in Mount Clemens. And in fact, I should remember that because the Anton Art Center and the cute downtown itself were among my faves.

But it’s a whole other week now. And with lots of check-marks successfully colouring in my to-do list, I’m realizing that it’s nearly time to climb out of the office chair I’ve been stuck in all week, roust out the cucumbers that have started sprouting in my compost bin, plant them properly in the garden and go get a movie for an evening – (dare I say it, a w-h-o-l-e weekend) – of blissful relaxation.

With another trip coming up in a few days and a list of assignments lined up and waiting to take me far into July, I’d say I deserve it. But regardless of all that, I just better take some time for myself, because lately I am feeling quite a lot like Ollie as he is in this picture I took moments ago, up too early, burying himself away from the world (yes, his skill at using pillows is legendary in our family), more than ready for his own weekend of naps.

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