E. B. Page

Before I did my blue pencil critique session with Lauren I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish my novel. My revisions weren’t going well and I had encountered several structural problems I didn’t know how to resolve. After meeting with Lauren I feel excited about it again....

M. Guymer

Lauren is a personable, astute listener-teacher who gives thought-provoking challenges and exercises.

Nancy Hall

I was stuck, and just could not make myself get to my desk and start working again even though I had projects waiting. Lauren’s course really kick-started me. I found the connection with the other participants and the conversations triggered by the course...


I’m feeling really great about the writing; thank you so much for helping me get my practice back!
Angie Gallop

Angie Gallop

I’m writing regularly on my own stuff now. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for 20+ years, but I’ve always had reasons why I couldn’t keep it up: the year-end is due, I have freelance writing deadlines, I have a 10+ item list of admin tasks; I’m a Mom; I’m...