waterlily Lately my interests keep moving towards food – how it’s produced, where it comes from, the costs in creating it, the sometimes hidden science behind it, the often invisible threats to our health that occupy many of our supermarkets.

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I’m obsessed with my own health. It’s that I like a good mystery and food making in this day and age is rife with them.

Last week, for example, I spent a good two hours trying to find out exactly who supplies the organic fruits and vegetables to one of Canada’s main grocery chains. Do they come from California or Chile and what are the actual costs of buying organic in this way?, I wondered, imagining exposés a la Mother Jones. I rooted around in Google for awhile but never did figure anything out before setting it, still steaming, on the back burner.

As of today, I’ve combined my interests in this area with an increasingly bitter-sweet love of travel (have you seen the price of gas?) and started writing for Celsias, a wonderful blog out of New Zealand that covers everything from our country’s ban on BPAs to the current food crisis to the foolishness of biofuels (dubbed ‘the great biofuel hoax‘ by ecologist Eric Holt-Giménez).

My first post went live today, on Earth Day. How appropriate! I thought I’d let y’all know before I jump on my newly refurbished bike to head out for work – an act that may or may not prove insignificant in the grand scheme of things, writes Michael Pollen in this excellent article, perfect reading for the day.

Photo by Lauren Carter