“We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.”

– Toni Morrison

Thank You!

Thank you all for your support for the Pandemic Response Reading Series over the past year! The series is now on hold. 

– Photo by Anthony Mark Schellenberg


This recording has been posted as part of the Rekindled series on Lithub. Watch it here. 

Read our F.A.Q.

What Is the PRRS?
To get a glimpse into why I started the Pandemic Response Reading Series, check out this video. And, if you like what you see, please buy books and toss a few bucks in my tip jar to help me continue with this work.Thank you!
When Are the Readings?
The readings are on various days and at various times, dependent on writer availability and time zone; please refer to the event listing for the specific date/time. We always list the time in CDT (Central Daylight Time), which is Winnipeg. To convert to your timezone, visit this page: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
How Do I Attend Readings?
Readings are held over ZOOM video conferencing as webinars. Click the Register to Attend buttons beside each event banner to sign up to attend (we’ve done it this way to remedy recent security concerns). Then, to attend the reading at the day and time of the event, simply click the link provided in your registration email (or in the reminder email). Feel free to click through a few minutes early to get settled; the event will be open for arrivals 15 minutes in advance but we won’t begin broadcasting until the start time. If you haven’t downloaded ZOOM before clicking the link to attend, you may be prompted to download it, but you can also download it in advance to your phone, computer, or iPad, either by searching for the app (mobile) or clicking the top option on this page (for a computer): https://zoom.us/download During the webinar, you will only be able to view and listen to the presenters, and chat in the chat function. When we enter the Q and A session of the evening, you will be able to ask questions either in audio or in the Q and A chat box (please save questions for the evening of the event). We look forward to your participation!  
What Is Your Criteria For Readings?

We host readings by authors who are publishing books in 2020 and 2021 with Canadian publishers, and assorted other special events. 

How Do I Purchase Books?
Please help support your local economy, independent presses, and authors by purchasing books from your local independent bookseller, direct from publishers and/or from the author. You can find a map of independent booksellers who are offering delivery or curbside pickup here. Or, please consider ordering from McNally-Robinson Books, the local independent bookseller serving Winnipeg and Saskatoon.
How Can I Apply To Read?
If you meet the criteria, please get in touch or ask your publicist or publisher to reach out! Email Lauren Carter at lauren _AT_ laurencarter.ca or through her contact page.