Life has been looking a lot like this lately: silver guard rails streaming by, against the blur of bright autumn.

Clearly, I’ve been doing a lot of driving over the last week as we – that’s me and my mom, who’s been helping with driving, staying awake while driving, book sales, and the rest of it – travel around Ontario, sharing and selling Swarm.

This weekend has been especially fun. On Saturday we got up early and headed due north, then west, from Orillia, driving onto the north shore of Lake Huron, which is where I grew up. At the reading in Blind River (organized and graciously hosted by Rhea Marcellus and the Blind River Public Library), I saw my dad and step-mom, teachers who inspired, and folks I didn’t know who were intrigued by the book.

Plus old friends. Here’s Jen, who I spent many a bored afternoon with back in the ’80s, driving around town in her old beater, singing along with the Rolling Stones as we wove up and down main street looking for something to do… Clearly, we quiet easily regressed into being a couple of kids…

It was a great afternoon on the gorgeous north shore, studded with rock and blue water. And now we’re in Sudbury, getting ready to go to Science North to take in a 4D Wildfire! adventure, maybe an IMAX film, and grab some much needed down time before the reading tonight at the South Branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library with Roger Nash.

This one’s hosted, in part, by Your Scrivener Press who published my first book, Lichen Bright. So, more old friends, another chance to share Swarm, and a little bit more time in the geographical terrain where I most clearly feel my roots.

(Upcoming: Toronto, tomorrow night, Hamilton, the following, and a couple more spots before Thanksgiving. Check out my events page for exact dates and times.)