pottedsproutThe world up here is covered in slowly thinning snow; the ice not yet sliding down the river. The sun is warmer, the ravens are talking up a storm, the crows are back, and the magpies are busy building their stick-pod nests.

It’s spring, that time when whatever you plant will start to sprout.

For me, I’ve nearly come to the end of my latest novel revision and have realized it’s time to announce my new practice: creativity coaching.

As a creativity coach, I help writers address and overcome the anxiety, self-doubt, uncertainty, and procrastination that’s all part of the creative process but that can sometimes stop us in our tracks.

I help them return to their work, rebuild or even simply reenergize their practice.

Why have I taken on this role?

Because understanding how to deal with creative anxiety, to ‘get out of my own way,’ to travel towards consistent, deep, meaningful work at my desk, are probably the most important lessons I’ve learned in the decades I’ve spent writing.

And it’s exciting, rejuvenating, deeply fulfilling for me to bring this awareness to others and to watch my fellow artists remember the joy of writing and renew their devotion to the task that is most meaningful to them.

Beyond what I’ve learned myself, I’ve also got some training.

I’m working towards certification (this means that, once my studies are complete, I’ll become a certified coach with the Creativity Coaching Association, the body which upholds the standards of this new profession). I’m already a member of the association: go here to take a look at my page.

Right now I’m looking to take on a few new clients. Check out my details, including the answers to a few common questions, and if you’d like to work with me but need to know more, shoot me a note. As an extra incentive, I’m offering a ten-percent discount to clients who sign on before May 1st.

If you’re ready to feed your artistic growth this spring and renew your writing relationship, please get in touch.

Photo by Michelle Bartsch