des moines webcam

These days, there isn’t much to love around here. Think sky like dirty laundry and earth muddy with non-stop rain. Those autumn leaves are still lying around, but they’re losing their colour as quickly as weathered copper.

Maybe with the arrival of the beast pictured above (currently assaulting Des Moines, Iowa, where “ice fog” is listed as one of the weather conditions) the world will at least gain a little light… Sweeping in over the midwest, this mess will be ours by tomorrow.

Interview on the other side of the county cancelled. Check. Ice cream purchased. Check. Articles to write. Check (but then again, there are also those DVDs of Arrested Development…)

And one final note: thank you, Canadian forefathers, for making our Thanksgiving early enough to avoid mixing it up with the onset of winter. Good luck, my southern neighbours, with all your turkey travels. Maybe by the weekend, mother nature will be delivering her scourge only up here.