Ah, 2018.

As the year comes to a close I’m considering what it’s meant for me.

I’ll remember it as the one during which my husband and I found our forever-home, where my mother nearly died the day after we moved in (but didn’t, thank the stars!). 

It’ll also be the year that I got up close and personal with depression, necessitating the conscious carving of a path out of those black thickets. 

It’ll be the year, I think, that I’ll look back at if anyone ever asks me, When did you start figuring out who you really are?

And what about for you?

What has this year featured?

Loneliness? Regret? 

Joyful things, I hope, as well: a new pet, a brand new baby, a luxury trip taken, the blossoming of an important insight? 

If one of the things you wish you’d done more of – and resolve to focus on in 2019 – is writing, I can help.

On January 12th, I’ll be launching a new online course that I’m really excited about!

Called Writing Teaches Writing, this three-week class has been designed to accompany you in order to help you build faith in your writing (including the times that feel oh-so-chaotic!) and persist despite doubt and uncertainty while figuring out what your work is trying to teach you! 

Read all about it, including the two scholarships that I’m offering (deadline January 7th). People are already enrolling (it’s already a quarter full from early invitations) so jump on board! I’d love to start 2019 writing with you!