Pineapple’s on sale at Extra Foods and I keep hearing people talking about taking vacations to hot places.

One woman I skate with on Wednesdays went to Las Vegas to see Lady Gaga; someone else came into the downtown coffee shop/tanning salon/boutique I was in today to buy fancy flip-flops with glittering fake diamonds on them for a bit of pool-side glam.

So in between trying to figure out my new life, or maybe to procrastinate that effort, I’ve been surfing the net for cheap travel deals – all strictly scheduled, of course, during J.’s March Break.

It’s pretty much an impossible/incredibly expensive dream, but our starvation for colour and the subsequent daydreams of jungle/desert landscapes, inspired this:

I wasn’t so sure about it, at first, but have grown to love the new walls in the room that will become a library/Griffy’s room/guest quarters.

The colour – which I originally dubbed Caribbean Looney Bin before the addition of a bit of red tint from an ancient pink paint in the basement turned it away from, ew, peach – is vibrant and warm and such a fantastic contrast to the white world outside. And it’s so much better than the cold lavender (made colder by the room’s north light) that was in there before.

It makes me feel like we’ve harnessed a little bit of HEAT right here in our home. It makes me remember that someday we’ll even be seeing green leaves and blue river through that window right there.