womanwritingIn November, with the gift-giving spirit gurgling up in me, I had an idea.

I thought I’d write down a few of my thoughts about writing, about what to first focus on in order to make a convincing world out of words.

I’d write this down for you, I thought: my readers and my potential readers, in particular those of you who write or who want to write and who love to read and learn about writing craft.

So I did.

What I wrote was a short essay – Start By Surrendering – that introduces 20 writing prompts, designed to help you focus on using concrete, specific detail to bring your story to life.

Here’s a sample:

This, then, is the foundation task of all creative writers: to use vivid, specific details to convince the reader of the authenticity of your story, whether it’s set in your grandmother’s kitchen in The Pas, Manitoba on a day with sixteen hours of sunlight or in Toronto at Bay and Dundas, in the midst of a protest rally, or on the shore of the violet, weedy sea of Snagu, fishing for wormy Nidgels, on the planet Rexar.

Unfortunately, though, beginning and new writers often try to make a story by telling the reader things. For example: Christmas is a festive holiday with brightly-lit houses.

Well, it isn’t. Not really.

Why not?

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Enjoy, and happy writing!

Photo by Erin Kohlenberg