Whether you are looking to better understand your characters, get back in touch with your creative self, nourish a work-in-progress, or strike a yoga pose while writing poetry, I can help through online and in-person courses, workshops, and retreats. Check my events page for upcoming scheduled events, follow me on social media, shoot me a note, or sign up to my newsletter to find out where I’ll be and when!


In half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops, I strive to create a relaxed, nurturing environment where participants feel safe to write from the heart, take risks, face their work with an attitude of exploration, reconnect with the playful artist within, and engage with a supportive, encouraging community.

Find out about upcoming workshops by contacting me, subscribing to my newsletter, or checking the calendar. Or, if you’re looking for a workshop for your writing group, get in touch!

Praise from past participants

“Lauren created a safe space for me to work through my fears and anxieties.” – Alexis Kienlen

“Lauren provided excellent instruction, guided exercises, and a trusting positive environment in which to explore and grow as a writer. – J. L.

“An inspirational day that helped me to get in touch with my character’s motivations and to move forward with confidence.” – Susanne McLarty

“Very insightful advice and observations with practical writing exercises that will be very helpful in my own writing.” – Carmen Siegers

Nourishing Roots: Yoga and Writing Retreats

Certified rock star yoga instructor, Kerry Mealey-Holmes, and I are teaming up to offer day and weekend-long retreats in beautiful locations around Southern Manitoba, combining yoga and deep writing. Join us as we indulge in pose, prose, and poetry in order to nourish our essential roots. Sign up for my newsletter to get the latest news about this exciting initiative!

Praise for yoga instructor, Kerry Holmes

“I have never had an instructor with such a gift like Kerry has! Her classes will change you! You can come in with the weight of the world on your shoulders and a million racing thoughts but after hearing Kerry’s calming words and beautiful messages throughout the class, you will leave feeling a sense of peace within yourself and your body will feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. She is so accommodating and makes sure every move has different options for each persons individual ability! I cannot say enough good things! Take the class and find out for yourself just how wonderful she is; you will not regret it!” – Laura Veldink

“Kerry is genuine, full of love, funny, giving and wishes the best for everybody. When you are in one of her classes you don’t feel like everybody’s looking at you to see if you’re doing it wrong. She makes an atmosphere in which you feel like you’re just part of her tribe. She is a super human being. I would highly recommend that if given a chance you attend any one of her yoga classes. I just love her!” – Cathy K.


Nine Simple Steps To A Solid Writing Practice! 

This self-directed video course offers 10 lessons (9, plus a bonus) to help you begin and nurture a writing practice. Whether you’re answering a life-long call to write or returning to your creative work, this course will help you:

  • dedicate a space for creative work
  • make time to write
  • address and overcome common blocks 
  • reconnect with the desire you feel to write
  • feel like a writer again or for the first time
  • choose a meaningful project
  • purposefully look at your written draft (without cringing or running away)
Praise for Nine Simple Steps

“This course, visually beautiful and wise, has helped me to re-connect with my writing. I’m back at it again. Next time I stray, I know I’ll have this course in my back pocket to help me return.” – Angie Gallop

“I love your writing course! I started it way back, and have kept going back to it…it is very forgiving that way. It has gotten me to the point where from not writing at all, except for my editorial for the paper once every two months, i have a spot to write, and sit down each morning and write for an hour! I am working on two different projects! THANK YOU for helping me find my creative side again, after so many years! It has also encouraged me to move away from arts admin and into editing and writing for a living. So much thanks to you!” – Anna Proctor

“Lauren’s online class was precisely the tonic I needed to re-ignite my writing practice. I listened to these nine sessions in my car on the way to work and looked forward every morning to the encouragement and counsel she provided. Through personal stories, anecdotes, quotes and practical tips, Lauren’s coaching inspired me to identify my writing goals and commit to them. I recommend this course to anyone who needs an extra nudge to start new works or to keep going with existing projects.” – Cheryl Sadowski

Writing Teaches Writing: An Online Course 

Writing teaches writing. No one can tell you your own secret.” – Gail Sher

This online, real-time email and video conferencing course combines readings, assignments, emails, and video conferencing over several weeks to help you gain confidence, build faith, overcome doubt, advance your craft, and learn how to figure out what your work needs so you can: 

  • Practice trusting your own writing instincts
  • Sit more comfortably with the chaos and confusion of a creative project
  • Gain wisdom around your inner critic
  • Learn helpful methods for common avoidance reactions so you can get to work
  • Be less inclined to give up
  • And, ultimately, gain freedom in your creative practice
Praise for Writing Teaches Writing
“This course helped me re-focus and re-imagine my writing mission. Lauren created an environment of safety and acceptance so I, in turn, could be vulnerable enough to face the truth about where my creative practice *actually* fits into my life. I also came away with great affection for my classmates after the experience of sharing our goals, struggles, and strategies for getting to the page.” – Angie Gallop

“I was stuck, just could not make myself get to my desk and start working again even though I had projects waiting. This course really kick-started me. I found the connection with the other participants and the conversations triggered by the course material to be enormously helpful and inspiring. I am back at my desk, committed to a regular writing practice again. Thanks, Lauren, this course was exactly what I needed to get working again.” – Nancy Hall

Need a writing workshop for your writing group, class, retreat, or gathering? Get in touch, and I’ll custom design a fun, challenging, engaging experience which will meet the needs and experience of your group!

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