Almost exactly four years ago, I started making the first scribbles of the story that would become my very first novel. And now it’s an incredible joy and honour (and a long-time dream come true) to announce that it has been accepted for publication!

The fine Canadian publishing house of Brindle & Glass, based in Victoria, will be bringing the book to life (because a book never really lives until it reaches its readership…).

We are in the editorial stages now… yes, more rewriting, for those of you who know the work I’ve put into this beast… but word will come soon(ish) on when you can pick up Swarm at a bookstore (or computer, for you e-book aficionados) near you.

If you want to know a bit more about what this story’s all about (but I’ll tell you right now: the word zombie appears only once), you can read this previous post.