For the past little while I’ve had a wicked case of blogger’s block. Maybe it’s because I’m prioritizing book news and upcoming events in my desire to get my book out to as many readers as possible (not to mention to see some familiar faces and friends both old and new)!

It’s understandable, this dry spell because – hard to believe – I’ve been blogging since 2007!

We’ve been through a lot, this blog and I. Travel writing, the move to northern Manitoba, my first novel. Not to mention long gaps when I was attending graduate school for my MFA and pouring myself into creative work rather than these posts. Ups and also, of course, life’s cavernous downs: my step-father’s death, my brother’s. Grief, creative uncertainty, hard work, publications, reviews, celebrations, trips, and animals. Of course, the animals.

I suppose it’s been a sort of diary for where-ever I’m at, and that’s been great and useful, but lately I’m feeling like it’s not really working anymore.

I feel like I’m all over the map, writing about creative process, then our new cat, then my mom’s health, my grief, and oh, look, a new book!

While I don’t want to lose my authentic voice and will continue to post about my own complicated feelings around writing process, and probably a bit about my personal life, too, I’m feeling like I want to start focussing this sucker more clearly towards the specifics of what you – my reader – are looking for.

So, in light of this, there will be changes. One change is the new gift that I’m offering to people who sign up. Titled, simply, How To Write, this infographic outlining writing process using useful quotes can be pinned up over your desk to inspire and help you as you proceed with your creative work. If you’re reading this and already a subscriber, you can grab it right here. Do me a favour though? Can you comment a little bit (even one sentence would be great!) in response to the following questions:

What do you want from this blog?

What brought you here in the first place?

What would help you; what would you love to see?

Are you keen to read posts about writing craft, reviews of new (under-reviewed books), creative process, guest posts from other artists, interviews with agents and other writers? Heck, maybe even podcasts? An advice column? Anything else? The sky’s the limit! What would keep you coming back, engaged, excited to visit?

If you look back at the beginning of this blog, at the very first post, you’ll see that it was my brother who suggested that I start it. My brother, Tim, who left a little smiley face right there in the comments (typical big brother: he loved it when I followed his advice).

So, I don’t want to stop blogging despite the fact that in our every-rapidly-changing world even it is becoming a bit like doing macrame these days… I want to keep it going but I want to make it relevant, useful, interesting. Something that will inspire and engage.

Thoughts (and thank you!)