Okay, Okay. I know. I know!

I have fallen prey to the blogger’s disease, procrastination, abandonment, evident in the long delay between posts, that vacuous sense of time that must greet any of my regular readers as they wander over to my site only to see that, no, I’ve yet to update and haven’t for nearly one whole month. Where is she?, I imagine someone wondering, sitting in a cool adobe hut in South American summer or cranking up the generator to get on-line somewhere around James Bay.

But perhaps that is simply my ego and these words actually unfurl into a void.

Whatever the case, here is my update.

My computer crashed a couple weeks ago, just before J. and I began gradually, slowly dismantling our house in the constant pursuit of renovation. In an empty space that joined our bedroom and my office we, well, actually, he and his dad, built a wall. You know, dry wall, plaster and hours and hours of puttying and sanding and puttying and sanding… Needless to say, currently my office is a mound of desk-books-chairs-computer (minus the box, which is still in the shop) shoved into a corner and covered in plastic. I am writing this at my alternate work area – the bed, a cup of tea beside me, a newly-caught cold gripping my chest.

And then there was Arizona.

Four blissful days exploring the desert and indulging in Phoenix during a press trip. There is something magical about Arizona. Not to sound new age (been there, done that) but the energy seems somehow clearer. New ideas and understandings ricocheted through my mind. I just felt so grounded.

I love that.

And so I’m back. More or less. Ready to pop open a few more cans of paint today and keep on going. But, dear reader, propped on a wooden platform in a forest swamp or tucked into a 300-square-foot office in a city centre, I will do my best to keep the accounts a-comin’.

Even without my own computer…