Well, it’s nearly fall. Up here, outside of Winnipeg, the leaves are already transitioning to their autumn tones of amber and red, and the showy mountain ash tree we planted in the spring is full of birds building up their stores for the long flight south.

In our house, J. is getting ready to go back to work, and I’m preparing to spend the long weekend playing in the wooded, creative paradise of Heidi Hunter’s Proutopia, up by Winnipeg Beach.

I’ve never been to this amazing “art market that thinks it’s a festival” but this year I get to go as one of four ‘wild writers’ (Donna Besel, Ariel Gordon, and Sharron Arksey are the others) to read from my books, sell them, and generally hang out, have fun, get inspired, and try very hard not to spend too much money on all the amazing and beautiful things…

Needless to say, if you’re around, stop by! Go to this website for all the dirt on the 30 incredible artists in attendance, and if you’re up for more art and more Interlake road-tripping, the WAVE Studio Tour is also on…

This Has Nothing To Do With You, the new novel, doesn’t officially launch until September 7th (although you can pre-order it), so I won’t be selling it at the festival, but I do have it in my hands as a box of them arrived on my doorstep earlier this week.

It’s always such a weird experience to see one’s novel as an actual material object, suddenly separate from the more intimate space of computer screen and printed-out manuscript. It’s now a thing, ready to make its way into the world, independent from me, and I truly hope that it moves people and that they – you? – enjoy the story.

Other than this news, if you’ve visited my site before, you’ll notice that things have changed quite a bit around here!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my brand new site!

Pop by my events calendar to see what’s on and when – including the first readings for THNTDWY at the Winnipeg International Writers’ Festival. Or, if you’re looking to engage more deeply with your own creative work, head to my coaching page and/or check out my courses to see how I can help.

It’s going to be a very busy season! I hope to see you out there in the mix!