Well, it’s done. My Goodreads Giveaway ended on August 15th, while I was off in the wilderness, a few hundred kilometres away from my computer.

So, let me say a big thank you to all the folks who signed up to request a free copy of Swarm. In the end, nearly 1800 people put their name into the draw, a  big number!

The ten winners have been chosen and yesterday Brindle & Glass put the books in the mail. They went off to readers in Ohio, Florida, New Brunswick, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and New York.

Writing a book is such a solitary experience. You live alone with these characters for so long – or, at least, I do, because that’s the kind-of writer I am – that I am nervous, excited, and eager to keep hearing what people have to say.

The best fiction changes us, as Rob Roberge wrote earlier this month in an excellent article in The Rumpus. It asks questions that are hard to answer. I’ve tried to do that in Swarm and I hope those inquiries echo in the experience of reading it.