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On the (Northeastern Ontario) Road

Life has been looking a lot like this lately: silver guard rails streaming by, against the blur of bright autumn. Clearly, I’ve been doing a lot of driving over the last week as we – that’s me and my mom, who’s been helping with driving, staying awake while driving, book sales, and the rest of […]

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Swarm: The Current Crisis

So here we are.  One reading into my book tour and the U.S. government has shut down, sending nearly a million federal workers on furlough and risking the stability of the whole house of cards. By the last day of my tour in Ontario – October 17th, the day I head back to The Pas […]

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Travels with Swarm

THIN AIR was absolutely fantastic! Such an amazing opportunity to meet readers and writers and literature lovers, including a group of keen creative kids at Vincent Massey Collegiate. The questions they asked after my reading there were better than some posed by adults. I anticipate a few new writers will be emerging out of this […]

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Open Book Toronto: Writers as Readers

I love answering questionnaires. All those ones on Facebook – if you were an animal what would you be? salt or sugar? shoes or no shoes? – and now, thanks to Open Book Toronto, I get to talk about the books I love. Nothing beats that for a writer (and a reader)! Check it out here or […]

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At dawn, J. drove me north to The Pas airport where I climbed on board a commuter plane that rose up over Clearwater Lake, headed for Flin Flon. Stared into the sun rising over the network of water and land that is northern Manitoba. Switched sides after the plane dropped its passengers and then we […]

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Launch Day

Yesterday was the official launch day of my book. It felt incredibly anti-climactic. Not a whole lot new happened, other than my awareness that the book could now be easily ordered – rather than pre-ordered – online or even outright purchased in the bookstores that carry it. But mostly I spent the day typing out […]

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Swarm in The Winnipeg Review

I was so pleased to read this thoughtful and thorough review of Swarm by Amy Attas in The Winnipeg Review. Another review appeared recently in Quill & Quire which I’ll link to as soon as it comes online. It’s so terrific that people are reading and critiquing my work. I love hearing what readers think! […]

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On Clarity After-the-Fact

Recently I listened to an interview with British writer Kate Atkinson. She said something that resonated with me. Paraphrased: “I never know what a book’s about until I’m finished,” she told the CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel. I so get that. The other day I was talking to someone about Swarm and like a rock cracking open […]

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Snap Scene

The writer Jessica Kluthe, whose book Rosina, the Midwife, came out last spring with Brindle & Glass has started this very cool Can Lit project called Snap Scene. For the project, writers illustrate a scene from their novel, snap a photo, and submit it along with a short excerpt to her Instagram site. Mine was […]

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And the winners are…

Well, it’s done. My Goodreads Giveaway ended on August 15th, while I was off in the wilderness, a few hundred kilometres away from my computer. So, let me say a big thank you to all the folks who signed up to request a free copy of Swarm. In the end, nearly 1800 people put their […]

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