About Swarm:

“The ambitious structure is effective in keeping up the pace of the novel, as well as in helping the reader understand how everything fell apart, and how all of those small collapses influence the characters’ present lives. This novel is terrifying because of how realistically Carter has built this dystopian world; it could very easily become our world in the near future.” – Coastal Spectator

“Imbued with dark lyricism and a disturbingly credible view of the end of the world, Carter’s debut sifts through the lives of people existing on an isolated island, grappling just to survive a time of enormous social upheaval and change…A somberly melodic, literary foray.” —Booklist

“Though it is future scenarios that have pushed these characters to act, the questions of this novel are the questions of our time.” – The Winnipeg Review

“…one of the more realistic recent imaginings of the shape of things to come.” – The Toronto Star

“The language is beautiful and emotional…” – Publishers Weekly 

“This is one of the most memorable manuscripts I’ve read in a long time. I didn’t even think I’d like it, as I’m not keen on ‘futuristic’ or ‘dystopian’ stories. But, because the world is much like ours is now, and could be our world soon, it didn’t feel like a robots-gone-bad kind of future. The characters are people we know and just find themselves in a situation unfamiliar to them (and to us). And how they make it work, how they not only survive but continue to build community and live good lives is what got me. Lauren Carter is a writer to watch and I’m very privileged to have worked with her on this book.” – Ruth Linka, publisher, Brindle & Glass (on Goodreads)

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Reviews of Lichen Bright:

“There is an archaeology of memory here, one that draws you almost inexplicably into the poetry and makes you contemplate your own history…This collection is a stunning debut.  Any lover or connoisseur of good poetry will find something to satisfy them in Lichen Bright.  It has many metaphorical doorways, leading to many readings and re-readings, and the architecture of the book is such that one cannot but stop and wonder at the beauty of Carter’s craft and skill.”

– Kim Fahner, Canadian Book Review Annual, 2006

“Her poems…are accessible, concerned mostly with exploring our humanness, and enveloped by the inevitable sadness of life. Carter … is a poet in the Housman/Byron/Keats/Shelley tradition, searching and observing, as the best poets do, more than offering answers or inspiration.”

– Martin Naparsteck, The Salt Lake Tribune, Aug 2006




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