monday’s mini roadtrip

The world is so beautiful right now. The trees are just beginning to burn with autumn colour and some of the fields are the same shade as creamed honey. Today I was lucky enough to get out on the road and spend some time soaking in the early oranges and ambers. It could have been […]

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Sugar donuts and Michigan morels

 While roaming northern Michigan last week, this iconic image caught my eye. It was taken in Petoskey’s historic Symons General Store where jars of Michigan cherries bump elbows with imported gourmet items. A place where every tourist should grab a coffee and settle in on the front porch to watch the world go by, the store also boasts a wine cellar […]

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a hometown hero’s threatened home

In the town that Honda built, it isn’t surprising to see a modern subdivision just off the main street.  But drive a bit further north on this rural road in Alliston, Ontario and the whole place takes a turn into another century. The road becomes gravel, the yellow fields open up, and a scruffy Victorian farmhouse sits back from […]

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best books

Sadly, I’m edging my way toward the end of Centennial, James Michener’s epic 1086-page tome about a fictional town in Colorado, from the formation of the earth all the way up to the 1970s. But as I put to rest this long trip of the mind, Conde Nast Traveler has released their list of the 86 Greatest Travel Books of All Time. Gleaned […]

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end of the line: the detroit train station

   The Michigan Central Train Station, back in the day During dinner with friends on Sunday night, we ended up, a few bottles in, hovering over my friend J.’s laptop, perusing pictures of the unbelievable abandoned buildings in Detroit. Specifically, the train station.        J. grew up in Windsor, so she often tells stories about being across the border, cruising […]

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making the rounds in rochester

This one’s for you, I thought, as I lifted the beer to the ceiling. All around me glasses and bottles returned to the table and a moment of silence fell upon the ten of us, crammed into a corner in a booth built of dark wood. Someone made a joke. We laughed. And the evening […]

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vice vacations

Circa 1984, my dad and I climbed on a Greyhound to head up to the Soo. Our car had received some specialist attention in the big city, an hour-and-a-half drive away, and we were going to pick it up. That, of course, is not remarkable. What is, seen through the lens of history, is that nearly everybody on the bus was […]

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joie de vivre en la belle province

 Across the invisible border, the land is no different and the money is the same but for anyone who thinks that Quebec doesn’t demonstrate a distinct culture, I have one thing to say: get thee east, young man (or woman). Deep within the province that saw some of the earliest occupiers set up shop lives that trademark joie de vivre that […]

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the age of green goodness

 Not long ago I heard an interview on CBC. It was with a guy. Nobody special. A businessman, I think, if I remember correctly. But he did have one claim to fame. He decided to cancel his family’s summer trip to Europe in order to save on the carbon costs. Good for him, you’re likely thinking. And, yeah, sure, so am […]

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slow going

I realize I am crawling along in the blogosphere these days. While the words launch and ricochet and ping on other blogs all around me, I am in slow motion, watching my brain creep along before anything gets written down. Hence, the desert of days between updates. I know why this is. It’s because I think too much. […]

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