an end to easy-going eating

(Eaten while in Ecuador: Pan-fried Maggots on a Bed of Wild Onions, Served on Banana Leaf. Come to think of it, this was likely gluten-free…) In my early days of travelling, eating was one of my favourite things. In Italy, a budget breakfast called for fresh olives from the market washed down with delicious cappuccino. […]

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reasons to wander

Lately I’m in love with a couple of brazen kids from Portland, Oregon. One year ago this past Tuesday, Amy and Sloan packed up a bright yellow 1977 VW camper van and took off across America for the first stage of a year of traveling throughout India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong, […]

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grey day getaways

In my part of the world, it isn’t April that’s the cruelest month. It’s November: grey, damp, dark at 5:00 and shadowed by the anticipation of the long winter tunnel that awaits. Yesterday morning, weather predictions called for 15 to 20 centimetres of snow (that’s about 5 to 8 inches, for you non-metric folks) in […]

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three times a charm?

It started with a cheap date. On Friday night, Jason and I headed twenty minutes south to the big city of Barrie to treat ourselves to Starbucks and a stroll through the aisles in Chapters. While browsing the remaindered books I found an intriguing one by writer Christine Wicker called Lily Dale: The True Story […]

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ghost or no ghost?

Back in the 1800s, so the story goes, the city of Jackson, Michigan, 75 miles west of Detroit, was given the choice between state prison or state university. Living in an industrial age, they clearly saw the advantages of having plenty of prisoners around: cheap labour to keep the factories functioning. But these days, that […]

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soulmates in michigan

What’s Southwestern Michigan without a beach party? Even in 60-degree weather (that’s about 15, for the rest of the world), we bunch of brave journalists enjoyed a fish fry this past Monday night followed by a bonfire beside big rollers roaring in on the beach. We roasted marshmallows, made smores and dismissed the increasing rain as simply surf blowing in, […]

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a taste of downtown collingwood

Shredded pork and pickled onion on a homemade tortilla might not sound like much but the succulent treat made my favourites list during today’s tastings at several restaurants in Collingwood, Ontario. A traditional dish from the Yucatan, the tiny tapa was served alongside a subtly sweet drink made mostly of strawberry pulp. Savoured while sitting […]

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going home again

We all have places that we know yet don’t. One of mine is Wiarton, Ontario. It’s where my mother was born and grew up, where my late uncle set foot on the freighters for summers on the sea of Georgian Bay, where my grandfather’s barber shop burned to the ground. Up until I was six and my grandmother died, it […]

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