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Writing Teaches Writing 

This online course will help you build faith in your writing practice and learn from your own creative work through coaching, email exercises offered in text and audio formats, two real-time video conferencing sessions, and a community of colleagues.

The first session is currently running (from January 12 – February 3, 2019) and the second is scheduled for February 16 – March 10, 2019.

Read all about it right here and check out the scholarships that I’m offering (deadline February 8th).

Or, take a look at my self-directed online course to help you get writing:  Nine Simple Steps to a Solid Writing Practice 

“This course, visually beautiful and wise, has helped me to re-connect with my writing. I’m back at it again. Next time I stray, I know I’ll have this course in my back pocket to help me return.” – Angie Gallop

Has your writing practice stalled?

Do you want to write but things keep getting in the way: too busy, not enough time, that niggling thought that says, why bother? 

If you need to write, if it’s in your DNA, if it’s how you make meaning, then unless you figure out how to do it, your life won’t ever feel fulfilled.

I know, because I’ve been there, and over several years and lots of struggle, I gradually figured out how to make writing fit into my life. What I’ve found since (after two published books and two more on the way and lots of ongoing projects) is that once a practice is built, it acts like a foundation that’s easier to return to if (when) you stray.

It is possible to move past the barriers between you and your writing and create a practice that will get you producing regularly, finishing things, and feeling more like a writer.

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • learned how to set up your space and your day for success
  • addressed a few of the most common blocks to writing regularly and practiced ways to overcome them
  • understood the importance of focusing on a practice over a product (thus, getting you that much closer to finishing the story you really want to tell!)
  • reconnected with the desire you feel to write
  • chosen a meaningful project to work on
  • started to feel (really feel!) like a writer

All this, in nine fun, thoughtful, and creative steps (plus one bonus step!), that you’ll be able to return to again and again, whenever you need a creative boost. The cost of the course is $67 CAN, about the cost of that extra fancy coffee you might treat yourself to each week.

So, come, and write with me! Head on over to check out the course, including a free lesson.

Fearless Finishing: This six-week online course helps writers return to their abandoned or waylaid drafts so they can learn how to finish them and start finally fulfilling their creative dreams. I’ve run a pilot with ten students, including individual coaching, weekly assignments and live group meetings via video conferencing, and am contemplating how to move forward. Stay tuned!

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