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Last week at this time I was somewhere in southeastern Michigan. I say somewhere because usually on the last day of a press trip (which it was last Friday) my brain is so addled that I’ve no idea where I am. And to try to remember a whole week later? Forget it. So, thank goodness, […]

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exploring st. jacobs

This past weekend, J. and I embarked on a bit of a staycation. We still drove three hours to get there, but by creeping along in our fuel-efficient car, we only used about a half tank of gas (the starter went and J. had to replace it in our B&B’s driveway and then the emergency […]

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fungal tree

taking a break

Busy, busy, busy. Working ten-hour days this week, while the world outside shifts between grey skies and sunshine, edged in cold and warm, air weighted in moments with humidity. Off to Uxbridge tomorrow for an assignment, while another lies all over my desk like an exploded bomb. In the midst of it all, bum sore […]

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better late than…

On April 17th, a poem of mine went up on the League of Canadian Poets Poetry Without Borders blog, a project that is publishing a poem a day by writers across Canada. This one of mine is from a new collection I’m working on, writing a poem every month using the etymological meaning of each […]

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the blogging debate

A few weeks ago, bloggers Peter Davidson – a fellow Canadian currently writing out of Shanghai, China – and Julie Schwietert – a prolific writer who splits her time between New York, Mexico City and San Juan – asked me and a few other travel writers how we decide whether to pitch or to blog. […]

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lots of work for low pay

The New York Times recently published a great article about the perils of the blogging sweatshops that have formed in the new reality of writing for the Internet. In a word, death. It seems a few tireless bloggers have suffered coronaries possibly caused by the incredible stress of being ‘on’ all the time, in order […]

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