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Castles, Palaces, and Monasteries, Oh My!: Authentic Spain in Historic Paradores

As a kid growing up in Northern Ontario, I often stared out at the open horizon of Lake Huron and imagined the Mediterranean as seen from Spain. I’ve yet to get there, but this guest post from gives a few good reasons to go. Spanish Paradores are restored castles, palaces and monasteries that combine […]

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lost in translation

Last May, in downtown Santiago de Chile, I found myself laughing my head off in a brightly-lit diner. It was around midnight and a few of us, gripped by hunger, had sauntered up the street from our hostel to find something to eat. Little did we know the menu would prove more entertaining than the […]

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guide book glitches

Travelling on my own in Argentina a few years back, I read about the ruins of San Jose de Lules, a Jesuit mission outside of the small city of Tucuman. There wasn’t much to do in Tucuman. I barely spoke Spanish and I’d already seen the sights of the town, so of course I decided […]

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the city of molotov cocktails

These days, the city of lights is once again the city of street fires. And as the rioting continues in Paris, I listen to a politician from the right-wing French National Assembly saying things like “tribalism” and “racism against French culture” and “it’s easier to make a living through drugs” on a CBC radio interview. […]

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memories of a jungle jaunt

I’ve been going through my pictures recently – you know, that ubiquitous crate full of matte paper snaps left over from pretty much every moment before digital cameras came of age – and found a bunch from my trip to Ecuador in 2000. A remedy for a broken heart (I left on Valentine’s Day), this […]

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we’re doomed

Like a bunch of bullies, the current Canadian power mongers government in power has decided not to invite anyone out of the in-club to the upcoming major important meeting on climate change in Bali, Indonesia. The reason? The last time they invited opposition MPs to an international environmental conference, they were held accountable for their […]

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travelling and tragedy

For a few days before the cyclone hit the shoreline of Bangladesh, the local weather folks were talking about it. Their normally Toronto-centric radar images had suddenly swung into the far east, pointers rising as they told us how the full brunt of the wind would hit the Ganges delta and push upriver. And, uh, […]

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reasons to wander

Lately I’m in love with a couple of brazen kids from Portland, Oregon. One year ago this past Tuesday, Amy and Sloan packed up a bright yellow 1977 VW camper van and took off across America for the first stage of a year of traveling throughout India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong, […]

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21st Century Tudors

When I was 17, I took my first jump across the pond to visit the branch of the Carters still in England. My father’s cousin and his family took me on a tour of London, complete with a roam through the foreboding Tower of London. I remember the Beefeaters standing still as stone in the […]

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