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cheap las vegas…part two

I’ve posted before on the great deals that can be had this time of year in Las Vegas.But after hearing stories of the loads of available freebies from some friends who went recently, I was glad to see this post – Backpacking Las Vegas…Cheaply – by Ubertramp – a veritable catalogue of how to do […]

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three times a charm?

It started with a cheap date. On Friday night, Jason and I headed twenty minutes south to the big city of Barrie to treat ourselves to Starbucks and a stroll through the aisles in Chapters. While browsing the remaindered books I found an intriguing one by writer Christine Wicker called Lily Dale: The True Story […]

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ghost or no ghost?

Back in the 1800s, so the story goes, the city of Jackson, Michigan, 75 miles west of Detroit, was given the choice between state prison or state university. Living in an industrial age, they clearly saw the advantages of having plenty of prisoners around: cheap labour to keep the factories functioning. But these days, that […]

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strike that one off the list

On Sunday, I fulfilled one of my travel goals. It was a modest one: not like yurting in Mongolia or walking the moors or crossing the ocean from the old world to the new a la my ancestors. Instead, this place I’ve always wanted to see is relatively close to my home and can be […]

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soulmates in michigan

What’s Southwestern Michigan without a beach party? Even in 60-degree weather (that’s about 15, for the rest of the world), we bunch of brave journalists enjoyed a fish fry this past Monday night followed by a bonfire beside big rollers roaring in on the beach. We roasted marshmallows, made smores and dismissed the increasing rain as simply surf blowing in, […]

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discount days in las vegas

I’ve only been to Las Vegas twice – driving down the strip in a 1970’s lemon yellow Toyota Corolla with holes in the floor (but that’s another story) and touching down for a couple hours layover on the way home from Utah this July. But friends of mine went this summer. They did the whole deal: hotel on the strip, […]

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Sugar donuts and Michigan morels

 While roaming northern Michigan last week, this iconic image caught my eye. It was taken in Petoskey’s historic Symons General Store where jars of Michigan cherries bump elbows with imported gourmet items. A place where every tourist should grab a coffee and settle in on the front porch to watch the world go by, the store also boasts a wine cellar […]

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end of the line: the detroit train station

   The Michigan Central Train Station, back in the day During dinner with friends on Sunday night, we ended up, a few bottles in, hovering over my friend J.’s laptop, perusing pictures of the unbelievable abandoned buildings in Detroit. Specifically, the train station.        J. grew up in Windsor, so she often tells stories about being across the border, cruising […]

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making the rounds in rochester

This one’s for you, I thought, as I lifted the beer to the ceiling. All around me glasses and bottles returned to the table and a moment of silence fell upon the ten of us, crammed into a corner in a booth built of dark wood. Someone made a joke. We laughed. And the evening […]

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secret michigan

The more I travel the more I find places I want to return to. This occurred in Kentucky, exploring former coal mining boomtowns reshaping themselves into historical destinations (Now Magazine, June 21, 2007), and now it’s happened with Michigan. Michigan, you might be thinking, as I was when I first contemplated heading off to visit […]

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