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Happy New Year from Dryden, ON

Griffy’s a trooper! Yesterday she rode 11 hours in the truck with us, using her floor litter twice, and sleeping most of the way. It’s super cold up here (feels like minus 32) so she hasn’t had any outside time (which is okay, since she’s mainly an indoor cat and we want to keep her […]

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Our Wagon Train West

Stopped in Wawa last night after a day of beautiful, snowy, sometimes tense hill driving. Paid $70, cash, to a friendly man for a warm, clean room. Walked to Food Land for a salad (respite from the road food). Heading today for Thunder Bay. Looks like good weather. Snow came by in the night, but […]

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The Birth of Tourism

In between trying to decide whether or not to get the H1N1 vaccine, I took a break to peruse these gorgeous photos on the Guardian site – a gallery of selected images of 19th-century travel from the British Library’s Points of View Exhibition – from the time when the world was still small… Imagine seeing […]

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How Long?: A Poem for Blog Action Day

I was a travel writer. I still am, sort of, but a couple years ago I decided to hang up the shoes removed so many times at airport security and switch directions. There were a few reasons for this. One is that flying is so incredibly, amazingly awful for the earth (not that I won’t […]

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oh my goodness…

I am so here. Not only do I love Uxbridge, but now I can eat there easily, too. In other news, check out the latest issue of Prism International for my poem The Double. On a fine independent book-seller’s shelf near you.

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arts and culture under attack

Yes, I’ve fallen off the face of the Internet. First, there was a canoe trip into a world where the only electricity was the unbridled kind that comes with thunder. And then, in September, I started down a new path. Graduate school. Currently, my sharpened pencils are scribbling out a one-act play for a playwriting […]

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manitoulin island memorial

Wow, what a weekend. This was the one where my brother and sister-in-law drove me out to the kennel to drop off Ollie, Jason came home from class and we drove north for five hours, picked up bug dope and cream for morning coffee at a Giant Tiger in a town smelling of sulpher and […]

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total eclipse of the moon

Last night, J. and I bundled up and spent a good hour, on and off, standing in our driveway. We leaned against our car and watched the sky. The solar eclipse started with a small bite out of the side and gradually, ever so slowly, the moon disappeared. As it sank into the earth’s shadow, […]

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