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One Month

One of the pleasures of living up here and out of town is watching the dial of nature slowly ticking through the seasons. Over the past few weeks, the magpies have built a nest in our backyard, the geese and ducks have returned. We’ve spotted blue herons flying over our house, a loon on the […]

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The River

So CBC’s Canada Writes put out a call for people to pin stories about their communities to places on the map of Canada. I decided to write about moving up here to The Pas and our trepidation over the potential of rising waters in the river across the road from our house. You can read […]

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Ice Road Trucker Style

Ever since we realized we were heading up to The Pas, J.’s been talking about ice roads. There are a bunch of them around – most long-distance tracks that bring people and supplies into isolated reserves. But we’ve also got one just up the street from us: a mini-version that gives fishermen an alternate route […]

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Northern Exposure

It’s pretty cold these days. The temperature gauge on our Subaru couldn’t even give a reading yesterday morning. It only showed a series of dashes like some sort of astonished stutter. We’re averaging somewhere around 40 below with the wind-chill – although today’s a balmy -30. It’s the kind-of cold where you have to plug […]

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Coming Soon: Swarm

Almost exactly four years ago, I started making the first scribbles of the story that would become my very first novel. And now it’s an incredible joy and honour (and a long-time dream come true) to announce that it has been accepted for publication! The fine Canadian publishing house of Brindle & Glass, based in […]

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And Puppy Makes Four…

J. started work at his school this past Monday and so we are back in the routine of him heading off in the (dark) morning and me staying home to… well, clean up pee, play ball, and try to do some writing training. Because, yes, we got a puppy. Since about a year after Oliver, […]

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High noon in The Pas - ice-fishermen on the Sask River across the road from our house.

Northern Light

  The first couple nights J. and I slept in our new house, we left the bedroom curtains open. We are out in the country, after all (although only five minutes out of town). But a blazing spotlight woke us in the middle of the night. Or so we thought. It was actually 7:30 in […]

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Houston, Do You Read Me?

Well, we’re up and running. But in order to do so – to have the type of Internet we take for granted back home: fast enough to stream Netflix with no, gasp!, buffering – we had to have a 20-foot tower erected on the top of our house. !!!!!! The communications tower for our interstellar […]

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In The Pas!

We made it! Finished our nearly 3,000 km drive to walk across the threshold of our new house around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon and have been unloading our U-Haul since then. Everything survived – except maybe my knee and J.’s back , but nothing a little time (and Ibuprofen) won’t heal. Writing this over Wi-Fi […]

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Prairie Home

Yesterday we traveled the last of rocky northern Ontario, trundling down tree-covered slopes into the wide, snowy spread of the prairies. It was a bit of a shock: like walking into an unexpected room. The perimeter highway led us up around the top of Winnipeg – the city’s downtown buildings only shadows in the far […]

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