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eco-farmers’ market opens

Never mind all the questions – where’s it grown, how’s it grown, is it grass-fed or corn? You can leave those at home for this trip to market. Entirely made up of local ecological farmers (many members of the Simcoe County Chapter of Ecological Farmers’ Association of Ontario) the annual Eco-Farmers’ Market is all organic […]

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the dog days of winter

A hint of spring arrived this Sunday. The sky was blue and the bright sun ate away at our – no exaggeration – six-foot snowbanks. We decided to take advantage of the weather by heading out into one of our local public forests, for a turn around a ski-trail. This plan immensely pleased a certain […]

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read all about it…

Having returned refreshed from my holiday hiatus, I am ready to atone for the blogger’s sin of disappearing off the face of the earth for over eight days… With a brand new year comes some freshly published clips to share. Last winter, when January was white, snowy and damn cold (unlike these days with persistent […]

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going green with a real tree

When I was a kid growing up in Northern Ontario, getting a Christmas tree often involved bumping down some icy back road, breaking trail into the forest and cutting one down. That might make some environmentalists cringe, but not as much as plastic. The verdict has long been out and it’s pretty clear. Buy real. […]

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fire and ice

Last year, my family went for a walk on Christmas Day. The grass was green. The sky was blue. Halfway down the road to the park, I took off my jacket. With predictions for the coldest winter in fifteen years, it’s pretty clear we won’t be doing that this year. “A good old fashioned Canadian […]

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a taste of downtown collingwood

Shredded pork and pickled onion on a homemade tortilla might not sound like much but the succulent treat made my favourites list during today’s tastings at several restaurants in Collingwood, Ontario. A traditional dish from the Yucatan, the tiny tapa was served alongside a subtly sweet drink made mostly of strawberry pulp. Savoured while sitting […]

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what’s up this weekend

I love a good scare. When I was a kid my parents went to town designing a haunted house for my first Hallowe’en party. They brought my blindfolded friends through our pitch-black storage/wood room, guiding their hands into bowls of cold, cooked spaghetti (brains) and peeled grapes (eyeballs). The punch was a frothy green goo. […]

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monday’s mini roadtrip

The world is so beautiful right now. The trees are just beginning to burn with autumn colour and some of the fields are the same shade as creamed honey. Today I was lucky enough to get out on the road and spend some time soaking in the early oranges and ambers. It could have been […]

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