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going green with a real tree

When I was a kid growing up in Northern Ontario, getting a Christmas tree often involved bumping down some icy back road, breaking trail into the forest and cutting one down. That might make some environmentalists cringe, but not as much as plastic. The verdict has long been out and it’s pretty clear. Buy real. […]

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midweek weather massacre

These days, there isn’t much to love around here. Think sky like dirty laundry and earth muddy with non-stop rain. Those autumn leaves are still lying around, but they’re losing their colour as quickly as weathered copper. Maybe with the arrival of the beast pictured above (currently assaulting Des Moines, Iowa, where “ice fog” is […]

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here come the holidays…

Imagine this: you’re standing in a train station, minding your own business, reading a magazine or staring at your fingernails, when all of a sudden the whole place begins to rumble with the arrival of a locomotive. A whistle blows. Steam billows into the air. Everyone watches as the behemoth pulls to a screaming stop, […]

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grey day getaways

In my part of the world, it isn’t April that’s the cruelest month. It’s November: grey, damp, dark at 5:00 and shadowed by the anticipation of the long winter tunnel that awaits. Yesterday morning, weather predictions called for 15 to 20 centimetres of snow (that’s about 5 to 8 inches, for you non-metric folks) in […]

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green christmas, white easter…

…that’s just wrong.   Snow squall warnings. An inch or so of the white stuff. Will it never end? As a merry Easter and a joyous Long Weekend to all who celebrate this particular holiday, a sign of hope from my friend Julie:     The earliest, odd-looking beginning of rhubarb in her backyard garden. Soon enough, […]

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