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from garbage to greatness (well, sort-of)

This morning I jumped out of bed at 7 a.m., realizing we forgot to put the garbage out. My husband took the dog for a walk as I scurried around the house, sweeping every paper receipt, toilet paper roll and stray ice cream container (hey, it’s been a hard week) into the recycling bin. The […]

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fungal tree

taking a break

Busy, busy, busy. Working ten-hour days this week, while the world outside shifts between grey skies and sunshine, edged in cold and warm, air weighted in moments with humidity. Off to Uxbridge tomorrow for an assignment, while another lies all over my desk like an exploded bomb. In the midst of it all, bum sore […]

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fungal tree

a turn around the garden of grant’s woods

This Saturday, J. and I took advantage of a break in the rain to head out to Grant’s Woods, a 52-acre section of forest protected by the Couchiching Conservancy, a land-trust organization that oversees the maintenance of several important acreages in and around Lakes Couchiching and Simcoe. With Ollie on leash, we wandered the 1.5 […]

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relevant reading – and writing – on earth day

Lately my interests keep moving towards food – how it’s produced, where it comes from, the costs in creating it, the sometimes hidden science behind it, the often invisible threats to our health that occupy many of our supermarkets. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I’m obsessed with my own health. It’s that I […]

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an end to wine woes

Just like I could never understand how equations fit together back in Grade 10, all the facts and figures of wine labeling elude me. What does it all mean? There’s the type of grape, the location and, among all that, the name of the winery (I think) and does any of it really matter? For […]

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daydreams and a great deal

This morning, before the sun came up, I took our dog for a walk. The sky was that pearly blue that deepens into an impossible, nearly neon shade before the sun emerges over the horizon and washes it out. It was beautiful – fat snowflakes drifted to the ground, settling over a new layer of […]

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christmas rain-glows

Yesterday, we had six foot snowbanks. Today, it’s pouring rain. On my first weekend of the two-week Christmas break I’m watching those grand piles of white stuff dwindle down to nothing while baking gluten-free shortbread and listening to Nat King Cole sing seasonal classics. This weather is supposed to go on all day, long enough […]

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gifts for travellers

What to get for the nomad who has nothing? Here are a few items that he or she can easily slip in their backpack for a better life on the road. Klean Kanteen: Hearing all the bad news about plastics lately? These stainless steel water bottles should be on everybody’s wish list. LED Keychains: Tiny, […]

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guide book glitches

Travelling on my own in Argentina a few years back, I read about the ruins of San Jose de Lules, a Jesuit mission outside of the small city of Tucuman. There wasn’t much to do in Tucuman. I barely spoke Spanish and I’d already seen the sights of the town, so of course I decided […]

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Last July, Jason and I spent some time hiking in hundred degree heat in southern Utah. It wasn’t just to get away. Nor was it an exercise in self-flagellation. Like Gary Ferguson, the writer of Outbound, a poignant and lovely essay I recently discovered in the Summer issue of Camas, the University of Montana’s lit […]

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