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An Ode to Farley Mowat

Yesterday, Farley Mowat died. He was 92, so he had a good long go, and wrote a lot of books, and never hesitated to boom out his thoughts about the terrible mess we humans are making of things on the earth, but I fear that the world will forget him. My generation grew up with […]

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Making Do

Last July, when J. and I were in Toronto, we took Mowat to an off-leash park on a beach in the east end. Despite the fact that it was about 800 degrees out, there weren’t many people or dogs around, but one woman was hurling a Frisbee into the waves for her docile Golden Retriever. […]

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Lila: Off her chain and warm but still needing home

J. and I are animal lovers. Combined we’ve had five dogs, eleven cats, four parakeets, four geckos, two iguanas and a robin with a broken leg that J. spent a summer helping heal before teaching it to catch its own worms and finally, fly off. Our cat came to us two years ago outside the […]

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