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Following Family History

Updated (Oct 2017): Following Sea will be published by Turnstone Press in Spring 2019 Every summer, Jason and I head north to Ontario’s Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world. We spend whatever time we can: a week, a few days, a fortnight. So far we’ve been staying in Tehkummah at Watson’s Camp, a friendly, […]

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exploring st. jacobs

This past weekend, J. and I embarked on a bit of a staycation. We still drove three hours to get there, but by creeping along in our fuel-efficient car, we only used about a half tank of gas (the starter went and J. had to replace it in our B&B’s driveway and then the emergency […]

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cookies in the countryside

Last week, I went to the countryside town of Uxbridge, Ontario on assignment. While there, I wandered into Bredin’s Bakery, bell jingling and old-fashioned porch door slamming behind me. Inside, as a fourth-generation baker toiled away in the background, I tasted some cookies I’m pretty sure they are serving on simple china plates on a […]

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last call for sugar shacks

Maple syrup season is almost over, which means that the sugar shacks will soon be closing their doors. Luckily, this spring, the members of my family who are based near Shaw’s Sugar Bush (watch the video about how do what they do), a 104-year-old maple syrup farm down the 14th Line, near Orillia, finally followed […]

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read all about it…

Having returned refreshed from my holiday hiatus, I am ready to atone for the blogger’s sin of disappearing off the face of the earth for over eight days… With a brand new year comes some freshly published clips to share. Last winter, when January was white, snowy and damn cold (unlike these days with persistent […]

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Niagara Falls New and Old

The Festival of Lights is on right now in Niagara Falls and that’s where J. and I spent the weekend. The town sure has changed since we were kids. Back then, the two grand waterfalls and the amusement park atmosphere of Clifton Hill were the main draws. These days, the casino brings in countless visitors. […]

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fire and ice

Last year, my family went for a walk on Christmas Day. The grass was green. The sky was blue. Halfway down the road to the park, I took off my jacket. With predictions for the coldest winter in fifteen years, it’s pretty clear we won’t be doing that this year. “A good old fashioned Canadian […]

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here come the holidays…

Imagine this: you’re standing in a train station, minding your own business, reading a magazine or staring at your fingernails, when all of a sudden the whole place begins to rumble with the arrival of a locomotive. A whistle blows. Steam billows into the air. Everyone watches as the behemoth pulls to a screaming stop, […]

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