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busy young bees

Yesterday a shocking new Stats Canada study surfaced in the media. It found that lots of Canadian teens aren’t exactly hanging out at the pool hall, smoking pilfered cigarettes while wondering who to ask to the prom.  Instead, an incredible amount of them are a bit more like Michael J. Fox’s Alex Keaton in Family Ties: hustling around the locker-lined […]

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not-so-sweet deal

Buying honey is a no-brainer. See the word Canada on the label, put it in your shopping cart, and feel good about supporting, if not a nearby farmer, at least one from the same country. Right? Not necessarily. Last year, a story I wrote for Simcoe Life about local beekeepers introduced me to a whole mess of complexities around the […]

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signs of peace

Saturday was an inspiring day for people who oppose war.   Among the many, many rallies and demonstrations protesting the war, activists in the Humanist Movement hosted living peace signs around the world to denounce the continuing occupation in Iraq, the ongoing battles in Afghanistan and, simply, the idea that war and violence ever really answers any human need. Here in […]

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MySpace and the Case of the Breastfeeding Boobs

Boobs are bad, ladies and gentlemen. Well, not totally bad. This is okay. And this. It seems that they are allowed exposure in polite society when they are presented for gentlemanly pleasure or clasped in tight T-shirts a la Hooters. But exhibit them in their natural position – clutched in the tiny mouth of a nursing infant – […]

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