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In the not-too-distant future, thirty-seven-year-old Sandy lives a challenging and unfamiliar life. She survives by fishing, farming, and beekeeping on an isolated island with her partner, Marvin, and friend, Thomson. When the footprints of a thieving child start appearing in their garden, the family must come together to protect both the child and their fragile community.

In the face of scarcity, Sandy still dreams of being a mother. This desire compels her to revisit her earlier life in a city plagued by power outages, unemployment, and protests. There she met Marvin and joined his violent cause, initiating a chain of events that led to tragic and life-altering consequences.

A powerful debut novel in the tradition of Margaret Atwood’s speculative fiction and Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, Swarm is about persevering in a time of shrinking options, and coming to terms with regrettable choices.

“You wake up one morning and the world has changed but not in a good way. Lauren Carter’s enthralling elegiac tale of what happens when the oil disappears is tender and terrifying and absolutely believable.” —Susan Swan, author of The Wives of Bath and The Western Light

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