Lichen Bright: Poetry

lbcoverYour Scrivener Press, 2005

The poems in Lichen Bright follow the protagonist into a spare, stripped down, emotionally bereft relationship, and document both the witch-haunted darkness that human relationships can spawn, and the persistently creative bedrock grasp with which the mind resists the lure of the witches. The poems are thoughtful, subtle, and emotionally charged, but not sentimental. Nor do they bog down in their emotion—there is a powerful forward movement to the collection; the narrator has somewhere to get to. But neither is Carter a poet who is swept away on the current of her emotion; there is a craftedness to the collection which displays thoughtful reflection, consideration, and re-consideration. Such movement reflects Lauren’s interest in travel writing. – Laurence Steven, Publisher

Praise for Lichen Bright:

“There is an archaeology of memory here, one that draws you almost inexplicably into the poetry and makes you contemplate your own history…This collection is a stunning debut.  Any lover or connoisseur of good poetry will find something to satisfy them in Lichen Bright.  It has many metaphorical doorways, leading to many readings and re-readings, and the architecture of the book is such that one cannot but stop and wonder at the beauty of Carter’s craft and skill.”

– Kim Fahner, Canadian Book Review Annual, 2006

“Her poems…are accessible, concerned mostly with exploring our humanness, and enveloped by the inevitable sadness of life. Carter … is a poet in the Housman/Byron/Keats/Shelley tradition, searching and observing, as the best poets do, more than offering answers or inspiration.”

– Martin Naparsteck, The Salt Lake Tribune, Aug 2006

Longlisted for the RELIT Award

Lichen Bright: Poems

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