momentary lapse

Due to the fact that I quit caffeine a couple days ago and can now only sleep and pop aspirin in my spare time, this week’s post will be slightly delayed. Please do return on Tuesday for thoughts on the human peace signs that echoed around the globe yesterday. In the meantime, check out these breastfeeding images […]

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MySpace and the Case of the Breastfeeding Boobs

Boobs are bad, ladies and gentlemen. Well, not totally bad. This is okay. And this. It seems that they are allowed exposure in polite society when they are presented for gentlemanly pleasure or clasped in tight T-shirts a la Hooters. But exhibit them in their natural position – clutched in the tiny mouth of a nursing infant – […]

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the sword of damocles

Around the corner from our house is an old red-brick Victorian that’s seen better days. With three stories and a wrap-around porch, it must have been nice once.   But last winter the roof of that wrap-around porch was leaking. By January, a giant icicle hung over the front door like the sword of Damocles hovering above anyone who came in or […]

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blog: the beginning

In my mid-twenties, I lost a journal. Number 71, it detailed the death-throes of a young love that was old way before its time. Sometime in the midst of a wild night, the journal slipped into a river. It might have sunk to the bottom and stayed there, trapped by the rim of an old […]

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