The Land That’s In Our Blood

My husband remembers his grandmother telling him that when she moved east to northern Ontario from the wide, bald prairie, she would climb trees. I know why now. Born and raised on a farmstead in Saskatchewan, she mustn’t have seen many. Located south of Regina, this is the landscape that Anne Lazurko writes about in […]

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Invisible Women

Last Saturday, at the Storytellers Film Festival, a short film called eu-tha-na-sia screened. Made by multidisciplinary artist Jani Lauzon, the film follows the feet of a girl leaving her territory, going to residential school, spending time on urban streets and finally, returning home. While the film has a happy ending, with feet fit once again […]

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Frybread and Film

The Cree word for grandmother is kôkom and last Sunday’s full moon was Mikisewipisim, the Eagle Moon, when the eagles return to this territory. These are things I’ve learned living up here, and I’m eager to know more, so I’m excited to attend what I can of the first annual Storytellers Film Festival, an event […]

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Making Do

Last July, when J. and I were in Toronto, we took Mowat to an off-leash park on a beach in the east end. Despite the fact that it was about 800 degrees out, there weren’t many people or dogs around, but one woman was hurling a Frisbee into the waves for her docile Golden Retriever. […]

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Jam Jars

Somebody on Facebook said that there are robins in Toronto. Really? This is the time of year that totally screws me up. Edging s.l.ow.l.y out of winter down south when up here, the snow has yet to start slumping and this morning it was forty below with the windchill. Should I stop? But the weather […]

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Survey Says

A couple weeks ago, several of you answered my request for blog feedback, and I’m so glad you did! Not only was I the recipient of lots of praise (blush!), I also had a few answers that gave me a good laugh (Q: How did you find my blog? A: I dug several thousand metres underground […]

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What do you think?: A reader survey

Let’s face it, we writers spend a lot of time staring at our own navels. And while that’s great for doing the introspective work of fiction, it’s not so hot for engaging with one’s readership. After all, I don’t want to just be talking about my dog all the time when it turns out you’d […]

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